ENAAT meeting in Oslo, 6 June – 8 June 2014

The European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) is a network that involves groups and individuals who see the arms trade as a threat to peace, security and development. 

Activities performed by the organisations and individuals in the network vary from campaigning against the financing of arms exports by governments, banks and pension funds to lobbying for stricter export control rules.

Every year the network members meet for the ENAAT annual meeting. This year, the Norwegian Peace Association will host the annual meeting.

Groups and individuals who want to participate in ENAAT can ask to be invited to the annual ENAAT meeting. More information can be found here.



16:30: Registration

17:30: Panel discussion: "European arms exports: How Europe is helping dictators and undemocratic regimes to oppress the people." More information to come.

20:00: Dining together in the city centre of Oslo


10:00: Country reports: A short update from every organization on the latest political and industrial developments in their country, their campaigns and strategies.

12:30: Lunch

13:30: Campaigning on military drones, drone warfare and killer robots.

A short introduction to the latest development in the drone industry and use of drones in the European context + discussions. Topics to discuss: How do the different organizations work with these topics in Europe? What strategies are in use and what kind of response is there from politicians and the public? Any work on the EU parliament resolution on the use of armed drones? Are there other campaigns or organizations working on the topic in the different countries? Campaigning on remotely piloted vehicles vs. autonomous weapons - thoughts on the Killer Robots Campaign?

15:00: Pause

15:15: How is the European arms industry/trade fuelling arms races?

Crimea and the South China Sea. Alexander Harang briefly presents data and information on political and industrial developments before discussions around the table. If other organizations have done any recent work on this topic and want extra time to present it in this slot, please let us know.

16:45: Sightseeing in Oslo, hopefully out in the sun

20:00: Dinner


10:15: Government facilitation of arms exports: EU, the state and the industry. More information to come.

11:30: Internal ENAAT topics/additional talks: Please come with suggestions to topics to discuss. Next meeting.

13:00: Lunch and end of meeting

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